Friday, January 16, 2009

wow, you are berryy beautiful...

Today we went to school in the morning and infuriated our teacher, Judith, once again, with our obnoxious comments and laughter. The new students that just entered our class probably had no idea they'd be forced to face a cliquey and unruly group of students in the back who have already decided who is cool and who isn't during the course of one awkward, but decisive, week. Afterward, amy, some classmates, and I went to buy a book for school. We retrieve the book and proceed to walk toward our apartment, our friend Matt in tow. As we inch closer, we separately wonder what he will be doing while we're making our turkey and cheese sandwiches and watching TV game shows we don't understand. I finally approach the situation carefully and say something along the lines of "so, you coming back with us?", "ya I'm just gonna hang with you guys today"... "oh, ok cool. just checkin." Fail. Ok, try again. "Well I guess you can try some of our homemade gourmet turkey sandwiches!". did it work? yes..... At the next intersection he "suddenly" realizes that he lives pretty close to us and darts down the street with a swift wave. Me and amy breathe a sigh of relief and wonder what just happened.

Later, we meet up with Leah and her roommates and head down to Las Ramblas for some site-seeing. As you walk along these streets during the day, it's littered with kiosks of all sorts of goodies from souvenirs, to pets, to fresh flowers. They also have several street performers who usually dress up in strange costumes and sit very still. If you give them some money, they'll move for you and do something interesting. We continued to walk along, not deeming anyone deserving of our money until we see this very small "hump-like" figure under a bronze tarp on a stand. We all look at each other thinking, "I wonder what this guy does when you give him money." Leah says it MUST be good because it's so obscure, and she needs give him some coins to see what he does. She throws it in his collection bucket, Amy starts her video on her camera, and we all wait. We wait... and wait... and wait... Finally, I lean over to one of her roommates and ask, "do you think the man just sits on that stump?" We immediately realize that what we've mistaken for a thrilling sidewalk show, is simply its remnants. Thank goodness Amy got that all on tape. Talk about tourists, huh?


  1. HAHAHAHA. We should win the dumb tourists award. We ALL thought something amazing was under that little hump.... but it was just a stool.

    oh Leah...