Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, I've decided to make this blog all about my opinion on.... well, everything. It probably won't have direction, but I'm pretty sure direction is overrated. Overall, my opinion seems to be a popular one, so I will generously share it with anyone who cares. In about a week, I'm moving to Spain for about four months and the whole thing has been weighing on my mind. There is no doubt in my mind that i will stand out like a sore thumb - what with being 5'9", white, and freckled. My spanish is also lacking in several areas, despite the 13 long years I've spent trying to learn. At Christmas dinner, my cousin and I were spouting off our personal lists of spanish phrases, and while mine consisted of "Hola" and "me gusta la playa", my cousin's were more... let's say... friendly: "quieres quitarme mis pantalones?" and "donde esta tu cama?". I appreciate her deeper knowledge of the language. I can only aspire to such a learning curve.

One of my friends that has already been to Barcelona warned me that no matter how hard I try to look cool, and no matter what I buy, I will always look dumb in the eyes of the spanish locals. Keep in mind, this is about two or three days after I spent an exorbinant amount of mula at the mall for "cool spain clothes", as I referred to them. The advice i had been waiting for from my dear old friend, was more like having debbie downer in my kitchen. So now, i'm prepare to look like a big goof (and/or Big Bird) walking along the streets of Europe. wah wah (<-- debbie sound)

Oh, also. I'm having a New Year's Eve Party. Ya, I know. I have no idea what I was thinking. When asked about new years, everyone I know (including myself) will resentfully explain how much of a "let down" it always is and how it never ends up the way you think it will. Sadly, this is only my opinion after new year's eve. Every year, about three weeks before, I imagine a huge party with champaigne, sparkly dresses, and good looking men enveloping me at a glitzy, festive New Year's Eve bash. Most of the time, I put forth a half assed attempt and am only mildly dissapointed when my three or four friends, my parents, and I are buzzed, bored and watching MTV's 4 hour countdown special. However, this year... I decided to outdo myself. I decided to put on a "big" party at my new house because Penn State is playing the Rose Bowl and some people from school "might need a place to celebrate". So, after inviting everyone from my high school and college, and getting several "maybes" and even more "no's", I realize that trying to throw a big party will only end up in bigger dissapointment. In order to avoid the unfortunate, and truly embarrassing, "I'm alone on new year's" drunken weep, I'm hoping to just get just drunk enough, play kings with the 5 people who actually come, and go to bed early. The plan sounds solid, but i'm pretty sure there is no getting around this one.