Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google google

Amy and I started classes this week, which is really bringing us down, site-seeing wise. We both missed a class out of pure ignorance, but now that we have our schedules finalized, I was shocked and dismayed to find that I have a 9am class 3 of the 5 days of the week. At school, in the states, this would be a difficult, yet, feasible hour to attend a class. However, in the land where your dinner ends at 10:30 and your night doesn't even begin until 1am, I am pretty sure I will be defying all odds to get to these classes.

Speaking of class, we have this one professor for Art that is completely out of his mind. I feel like I'm being Punk'd whenever I enter those two, very ominous, doors. The first speech this 71 year old cuban deals out is solely about the fact that he will support us "to the death" but if we betray him he will "drop us." Later on in this fun-filled lecture, he explains that if we don't care about art as much as he does, he doesn't care about us at all and he will automatically fail us. Sooner or later, we get to drawing, and in his expert opinion, everyone is horrible and unworthy. "Have you ever seen a water bottle THAT big before in real life? huh?... NO! I don't think so. fix it!" As I shook in my boots, Amy and I exchanged looks of terror and continued drawing. That was only the first day. Today, he referred to someone as "big girl" and asked a boy if he was fatter in his passport picture and why. Although terrifying, I think this man will be a large portion of my entertainment this semester.

Despite my affinity for sitting in my icy room on our weak and unreliable internet, I have been going out frequently, and since my last blog was before this weekend, I'm quite certain that all my nights are blending together in my head. Nonetheless, they are all equally entertaining. One night, we all went out to a spiffy club named Catwalk. We walked in to an extremely crowded room where I think everyone decided it would be funny to bump my purse every 5 seconds. We purchased some rather pricey drinks and split up. Those of us who liked to dance with strangers, and those of us.... who don't. We travel upstairs, and the scene is a little more relaxed, but basically the same. Naturally, we had already finished our drinks by the time we climbed the stairs and had to commute the bar once more. On our way there, we see this guy from our spanish class with half-closed eyes all over a small-statured butterface. We giggled in silence and then decided to keep our mouths shut, but it was no holds barred the next morning in class.

Moving on... we get our drinks and stand in a threesome circle and kinda just dance in place. I assume every girl is used to this type of dancing, so although it seems uneventful and awkward, we were perfectly satisfied -- especially since we had found our own (air conditioned) uncrowded corner. I scanned the area and found a tyson beckford look-a-like on the wall by the door. He was dancing in place as well, and looked like a security guard. I tell Leah and Amy that I think he's good looking, but decide to play it cool -- whatever that means. My eyes wonder in his direction for the next 10 minutes and I'm under the impression he's looking right at me. I mouth to amy, "I'm gonna go get him!". Strutting stealthily over, I confidentally ask, "wanna dance?" and I receive a firm "I have a girlfriend, sorry." I proceed to have a long drawn out conversation about where I'm from and blah blah blah, but of course, I lost him at the word "girlfriend."

All of us girls head back downstairs after watching each other dance for another half hour, and the minute we enter, we are bombarded with uninhibited creepy (and slightly balding) men. I am swept off into a sexy (?) salsa dance with an older one, and Amy and Leah are forced to take pictures with these two men who spice up the picture by snuggling close and kissing Leah's cheek. Needless to say, we book it out of there as quickly as possible and head home. Muy raro, no?

Oh, and I was looking for internships for this summer, and Amy told me to google Google. I laughed. Hence, my title.


  1. haha too bad abou the tyson beckford lookalike.
    both you and molly could have had close encounters with sexy black men in foreign countries....im sure your time will come. ha

  2. close encounters. I'm gettin there....