Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two's company, four's.....annoying

Last night, Amy and I decided to stay in (mostly because I was still recuperating from the previous night) and just go online. After skyping some people and doodling around on facebook, Amy decides to go take a late shower. Unintentionally leaving the door ajar, she walks down the hallway to the bathroom, and I don't dare to get up out of bed, or I might get hypothermia. no joke, this room may or may not be colder than an igloo, in the south pole... naked. So I'm sitting there, doing my thing, and all of a sudden, over the sound of her shower (which may as well be a constant stream of drops the size of tears), I hear something that sounds like heavy breathing. I convince myself that it is her shower curtain moving around, and ignore it. The more I ignore it, however, the more I hear it... and at this point, it is NOT her shower curtain. Eventually Amy comes back from her shower with wide eyes and says "wait, i have something REALLY awkward to tell you." And from that point on, I know exactly what i heard. One of the boys that is also at this homestay, who looks like a meerkat, has a room right next to ours on the way to the bathroom. The other one looks like a bush baby and wears tight jeans, but neither of them are.... the most popular guys in town. especially not with the ladies. If I EVER hear him pleasuring himself again, i'm outta here. Keep it in your pants, sir.


  1. Jackie, this post makes me slightly-no..incredibly uncomfortable. Was this meerkat boy standing outside the bathroom door pleasuring himself as amy was showering? wait, i don't want to know. Glad to see you're alive and well though. You've inspired me to make my own blog...someday.

    Love you!

  2. What is a meerkat? I'm assuming it's not a hot, tall, dark, handsome man. Otherwise you may have felt differently.