Friday, January 23, 2009

Salvador mi amor

I almost forgot! Happy Obama Inauguration! I just had this infuriating talk with Matt (butterface seducer) about how he thinks he's too inexperienced and we shouldn't rely on hope because hope doesn't cause action, etc. Since I know as much about politics as I do quantum physics, I decided to be relatively agreeable about the matter, but I got him to realize that he was really just angry about the ignorant voters who only support Obama on the basis of his skin color and not because Obama is unqualified. In that moment, I felt just like my sister, and her self-righteous argument tactics. (ps - Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract is blasting from my house lady's tv!)

And speaking of butterface seducer, as of today, he is a repeat offender. yeah, i know. she's in our spanish class now, and they don't say a word to each other. HA!

So at school, we each have an academic advisor, who, just like in the States, basically doesn't do anything. The other day I needed to change my schedule around, so I visited my advisor, Salvador, to assist me, and let me just say that he is extremely good looking. But of course, I HAD to become friends with the weird swishy-sweatsuit wearing internet guy the first week we were here (which Amy makes fun of me for all the time), and as soon as i turn the corner, guess who's calling my name "SUNSHINE!!!" down the hallway -- Jose. Mr. Internet. Apparently they are good friends, and despite the many texts that I choose to ignore, he keeps popping up all over the city!! I can't escape him. So of course, when i'm trying to impress my young advisor with my witty charm, he keeps inturrupting with some stupid sarcasm that isn't really that funny. What a dufus!

On the more seriously strange side of things -- I think I just witnessed my first real example of racism. Amy and I walk home from class on a chilly evening and out of the corner of my eye, I think I spot a large group of 50-year-old business men putting their fingers on the outside of their eyes and pulling up (like kids do to represent Asian faces). I disregard what I thought I saw because of course, no one over the age of 4 with any respect for others does that. All of a sudden, as we pass them, we are stopped by one well-dressed man. One of them hands me a camera and I figure they just needed someone to snap the shot. Then I realize that they are all staring at Amy in anticipation. She looks at me and I know that she thinks they just want a picture with a tourist. As she gets in position to take the picture, they assume the "chinky-eyes" position and we both are horrified. Amy is in frozen shock, and I burst out, "why are you all doing that?" and they happily reply, "We're on a coporate scavenger hunt and we need a picture with an oriental." Hearing this I say, "But you know that's very rude and derogitory, you shouldn't do that" (meanwhile, I am reprimanding 50 year old men). They proceed to look at me like I have 5 heads, and I continue to stare at them in disbelief. Could they really not understand why this was wrong? My blood is boiling at this point, and Amy is still frozen solid with her jaw dropped. I loudly proclaim, "Ohhhhh, I get it! It's a racist scavenger hunt! right!!" and that breaks Amy out of her trance into a slight chuckle. She takes the camera out of my hands, and hands it back to them saying, "Good luck finding another Chinese person to take this for you!" And we storm off. It's just been confirmed -- there ARE still people like that in the world. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble.

It's a Friday, so there is definitely more to come....


  1. Salvador = Tall. Dark. Handsome.

    I would forgive you for all the internet man stuff if you managed to work something out with this Salvadorrr....

  2. i want to beat those men up! you should have kicked them in the balls or thrown their camera and run away. but they might kill you where you are.. so im glad you didnt do that.

    please get wtih salvador. just becasue his name is salvador. but i hope he acts like roland..

  3. no more enjoying the company of older-adviser/teacher-men. be good.

  4. weird. at that exact same moment, i was approached by several chinese businessmen on a racist scavenger hunt for white people!

  5. I live in Hong Kong by the way, for those who don't know me. I'm not actually racist.