Friday, January 9, 2009

Barcelona Shmarcelona

So, i made it to España. Barcelona is beautiful but it is humungous and easy to get lost in. Amy is a trip to live with, but i´m glad she´s here. she reminds me every day that at every moment, she would be crying if i weren´t with her. haha. We went out last night and walked along Las Ramblas without any hesitation. Apparently, they are very dangerous late at night. The bar we went to was filled with foreigners, so we didn´t quite feel out of place. Of course, I forgot my I.D. so I gave the bouncer my school I.D. He looked at me like I was crazy, and told me he would only let me through just this once. I never thought I had a problem looking older than 17 until now.

The weird thing about Barcelona is that they have city "quiet hours" at night. So even the spaniards are like shushing loud drunken Americans because we´re being too loud. But when you walk through the door to the bar, it´s booming with drinks and yelling and music. I figure, if you agree to live above or near a bar or club, then you are agreeing to the noise drunk people have no idea they are making.

Our señora is hilarous. She like really wants us to learn spanish, but she´s only in the apartment in the morning and night. So we don´t really see her that often. She was like in love with her previous student named Carly, and I´ve heard several things about how great she is. She looked like a dufus though. My standards are, if your best friend is your Señora, you are a loser. end of story. The apartments are really super tiny, but we went to the department store called El Corte Ingles, and it was like all the space that was sucked out of the apartments was put into that store. It was the most gigantic store I have ever seen, or could have ever dreamt of. Eight stories and like a million departments. My brain went into overload, and I didn´t buy anything... obviously.

Well, I´m gonna see how things turn out in the next couple of days and blog again. As of now, I´m sleep deprived and confused, so my perception is off.

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