Monday, July 13, 2009

4th week? no way...

I'm surprised to say that today marks my 4th week living and working in the city. I am completely shocked that I have lasted this long and that I have had so much fun. It really feels like yesterday I was walking toward 7th when I meant to walk to 5th. I've learned my way around pretty well so far and have even taken both the train to Long Island and the train to Westchester all by myself. Living here really felt unbearable at first because everything is such a hassle. You can't just hop in your car and be at the grocery store. And you can't just come home at night and have dinner ready. When you're at school, you don't expect that because you get something else (i.e. friends, fun, excitement, irresponsibility) in return. But here, you have to take of yourself and be equally as responsible and independent.

As much as I felt like I was on my own in Barcelona... it pales in comparison to the bustling city of NYC.

And now that I've survived it, I can really survive anything. I hear about people who have never moved away from home. or wouldn't dream of going to a school on the opposite side of the country. I mean, I can understand the attachment to your family and where you grew up, but the feeling you get when you accomplish something that was once so intimidating is indescribable. I wish everyone could understand how that feels. Anyway, I have been really fortunate to have such supportive parents and I am glad my fears haven't held me back thus far.

On a lighter note, Arts Fest was a definite success!! I had an incredible time with all of my friends and I was able to reunite with almost everyone I know back at school at least for a short hello and hug. Also, being 21 is a totally different world out there. It's so bizarre seeing the younger girls virtually "stuck" at frat parties, whereas the rest of us can bounce from party to bar to club as much as we like! The bars are a little expensive but compared to New York, it's very affordable. Everyone was in a great mood and there was no drama in the least. We also stopped by our future apartment for a final look-around and it was even bigger and nicer than we had remembered. The girls that live there now had just woken up and were reminiscing about their senior year. Next year is really looking like the best year of all of our lives.


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