Friday, August 7, 2009

ello, govna!

Happy Friday!!!!

It's been a good day so far, especially since the pitches that Miffy had me write yesterday were successful, and I'm going to send the book to these two bloggers soon. She let me write it all by myself, and although it was just a couple tweenie bloggers, it was really exciting to get positive feedback on it! yay! Ironically, I've been warming up to my job the longer I am here, and the work I'm doing has become more interesting and beneficial. Such as... the million cold calls to the top print and TV media? It started off as a daunting task that I needed to get over with, and became a valuable lesson about cold calls and how to NOT freak out about them. I was a wimp before this job, and I think I've learned a lot of non-wimpy strategies during my time here (although I'm still very much a wimp sometimes).

Next week is my last week, so that makes this weekend my last weekend. I recently realized how much of an old fart I've become when my sister said to me "I thought you said I act old", and my response was "I did think that, but that was before I, too, became old." If I have the chance to sit around in comfy clothes, cook a good meal, and watch TV or read a book, I will. My partying days are in NO way over, but they have become less necessary over the past few years. I'd like to go out this weekend, but sitting in my best friend's central ac, with her whole fam, and a homemade meal??? I can't pass that up!

So, on a different note, my new favorite show is Drop Dead Diva. It's on lifetime, so I know what you're thinking, or what I was thinking before I actually watched it, but it's really funny! and i love the main character because she totally embodies the ditz she's supposed to be inside. It's also easily available online which is a major plus in my no-cable living situation. I've been avoiding the words "So You Think You Can Dance" and "winner" all day because there is no possible way for me to watch the results episode in real time. And, despite my efforts, it has not been posted online yet for a midday work tv session.

So my new dilemma, something I seem to be adding up like a collectors item, is.... whether I should get an internship in the fall or not. It's a job with State College Magazine, where I'd have the opportunity to write and have some of my writing published. It would be a really amazing thing for me, but I'm afraid I'd be taking away from my senior year. I don't want to be the girl who can't go out because her collumn isn't written yet. I was also considering getting a part-time PAYING job at a coffee shop or something similar. Considering I keep throwing away my parents money like it's nothing, I feel like it would be beneficial to them as well as me and my working skills. I like being busy, but I absolutely HATE being too busy. I'll give it some more thought because I've learned that trying new things always adds another demension to your life and in most cases, it's a really good addition.

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