Thursday, August 13, 2009


I just got so much sleep by not going to the gym. And I was thinking about so many things on the subway.

1. I love my outfit today. Both comfortable and fashionable (or so I think).

2. I got a cat-call for the first time since Barcelona. Check!

3. In love with Miley's Party in the USA and can't stop singing it even though she is a terrible excuse for a tween role model

4. Despite my efforts, I continuously put too much water in my instant oatmeal, causing me to grab the open packet and add more oats. I think the point of the packages are so you don't eat more than the given amount, and if you pile on the oats/flavoring, you will soon become obese.

5. I bought the best $70 bra yesterday at the "bra lady", and have now OFFICIALLY done everything I wanted to do in NYC

6. My favorite text I sent last night read "Going out with my brother is like watching CNN while you're drinking. I think someone just used the phrase "privy to this lexicon." I think someone should send that into texts-from-last-night because it's both true and ridiculous.

7. I will not be hanging out with my brother and his friends again. I have nothing to contribute.

8. I'm going to miss the super-stereotyped mexican child with maracas and a sombrero that says "ole!" to me all day at my desk. He's so festive.

9. Being in NY has taught me many things, but the most important is how to properly do my hair curly. thank god.

I hope today goes quickly because I can't wait to get on that plane on saturday morning. eeek.

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